Spiritual Herbal Blends (9 oz)

Spiritual Herbal Blends (9 oz)

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Created with love, our incense blends are catered to the needs of your healing. These light yet powerful blends help set the intentions of your desires for a more healthier inner healing of your own self.

Choose from the following:

”Lovers Erotica”: Promotes sexual intimacy between partners and to increase positive connections within your living space.  

“Love Yo Self”: Promotes self love and care for what’s needed of you and your healing. Assists to promote feelings of strength, encouragement, forgiveness and hope. 

“Release Me”: Promotes self healing and relieves stress, anxiety and to uplift your mood. Great for those long days that drag down your energy. 

”Money Mood”: Promotes financial abundance and clears blocks to obtain the financial freedom you need.

”Sweep Away”: Promotes positive clearance of any mental and emotional blocks obtained to return positivity back in. Great for clearing new spaces and resetting older ones.

Size: 9 oz

*Note: Must purchase charcoal screen incense burner and charcoal separately to use*