Fundraising Project: Birth Work & Morocco


Hi everyone.

My name is Mystique and I am currently a certified herbalist and wellness consultant, student midwife, birth/postpartum/full spectrum doula, and birth work advocate.

I am raising money to assist with funding an amazing opportunity to participate in an empowerment retreat in beautiful Morocco by the infamous and fabulous Brandi Jordan (also known also known as the royal doula to Meghan Markle). Her work over decades has always been inspiring to me.

I was so fortunate enough to turn my goal into reality as I have been invited by Brandi to participate in this amazing retreat. I have always wanted to work and train along side of her to grow better in this business of birth work. I’m so excited about this opportunity to be better than I am and push myself outside of the comfort zone I’ve stayed stuck in.

With the funds raised, this will go towards the necessary continued education/training for myself, travel expenses, and other necessities to make this trip possible. As a single parent who provides services within the community, I am unable to fund this myself but I’m so ready to take my self, my work and my business to the next level!

Please share and pass this on to anyone you would think could help spread the word as well as donate whatever you can to make this vision of mine turn into reality.

To donate please go to: (My business account)

Thank you so much for your support.

Blessings and Happy Healing!