Fundraising Project: Healing Low Income Communities

Hi everyone.

My name is Mystique and I am currently a certified herbalist and wellness consultant, student midwife, birth/postpartum/full spectrum doula, and birth work advocate. I am raising money to help contribute to my mission to provide FREE herbal products and services to communities of color who are in need. With the lack of accessible resources due to financial hardship, it is challenging for those who are pregnant, postpartum or are trying to get pregnant to access the needed care of wellness and recovery in a more natural, healing aspect.

With the funds raised, this will go towards the necessary continued education/training, supplies needed such as herbs from various suppliers, storage and organizing to help push this need for the community and make it possible. As a single mother who not only works out in the community but also falls in the low-income category, as a birth worker I am unable to fund this myself due to my own financial hardship to care for my own child.

Please share and pass this on to anyone you would think could help spread the word as well as donate whatever you can to make this vision of mine turn into reality.

To view the fundraiser, click here.

Thank you so much for your support.

Blessings and Happy Healing! Ase!